Sunday, August 30, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Blogging Around the World with Mr Piper!

Mr Pipers class in the USA have just come back from their school holidays and have started a new year. They're about to start the unit of work looking at our two countries and have asked us for assistance in helping them with collaborating and answering their questions. We're really thrilled about it (or we will be when I tell Room 8 tomorrow morning!) but in the meantime you can click on this link here to check or Mr Piper's wonderful site, and if you're able to help his class (particularly our friends in Australia!) drop him a comment and let Mr Piper and his students know!


  1. Hi, Mr. Webb and students,
    We are just thrilled to be able to collaborate with you and your students. I showed my kids the comments that your class made so far, and we are excited to learn more about New Zealand and Australia. I will create a blog comment area on my site for students to share ideas and ask questions. We officially kick off our unit on Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday (we are just doing some introductory stuff now as it is only our fourth day of class). We look forward to hopefully learning lots from one another.

    Cheers from Milwaukee, WI, USA!
    Mr. Piper and his 5th grade World Investigators

  2. Hi my name is Liam and im 12 years old. Im a form 1 at Melville Intermedaite school. I live in New Zealand and north islandin Hamltion. In Hamltion there is areas like Melville, Deanwell and Glenview.Hamltion is one of lucky place for having the Waikato river flowing throw it. If you did not know the history of the Waikato river it is the largest river in New Zealand.The Waikato river is in the north island and goes throw alot of places.In Hamltion we have a garden witch is called the Haltion gardens. We use to have the wiapa delter till it left to Ackland.

  3. What a great project. Have fun and learn heaps!