Monday, August 17, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Singing Group

This video shows the Melville Intermediate Singing Group performing at the local Methodist Church. They are singing "Take Me Home - County Road" by John Denver. Mr Bell the music teacher is leading the Singing Group.


  1. I remember how popular that song was when I was little. How great would it be if your group could actually go to West Virginia! I still find it amazing how talented your students are!
    Mr. C

  2. You guys sure do get around! Do you have your own buses to get you about?

  3. @ Wm Chamberlain - I have to be honest I don't know if the students really have much of an idea about the location of West Virginia. Hopefully it will be a place that they are inspired to visit by listening to the song.
    @ Sue - yes we are lucky to have a bus although in this case we only had a small group of students who travelled to the venue.

  4. Hi Melville Intermediate Singing Group,
    You sound great. I really liked the way you were all trying your best and giving it a go! Has your group entered any competitions?

  5. I enj0yed this so much! It's our first day of school and our summer break is over!

    I remember this song from when I was younger like Mr.Chamberlain. John Denver also did a very nice song called "Sunshine" and I bet you would be good at singing it!

  6. @ Pt England - no this is a new group and initiative that has been created this year, although we did have members of this group in the rock band
    @ Jane Hake - thanks for your positive comments the students will be thrilled!