Saturday, August 22, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Prep Preview

This is Vitolina's explanation of what Prep is:
'Prep is Market day for Y8 students. It is a competition to see which group wins. What we mean is that teh Year 7's pay real money to buy MISM's and they can spend it on whatever they like and the group that gets the most MISM's wins. (MISM is Melville Intermediate School Money).

There is going to be things infront of every classroom. There is going to be around 48 stalls all over the school selling yum stuff like candy floss, fizzy drinks, food, lollies, slushies. You pay to go and play and take part in some activities. Like you can play a Playstation 2 game and all sorts of other stuff.

For $1 you can buy 4 MISMs. The market day is on Wednesday 26th of August at Melville Intermediate Schol and I can't wait.

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