Sunday, August 16, 2009

Melville Intermediate - The Digital Online Process

This slide of photo's shows the display at the front of the classroom which is the digital process - students refer to this before they create something for the blog. We are particularly careful to pay attention to the audience and the reviewing of work after it is published. The back wall has a world map that contains a badge or flag for every different country that has visited our class page - its nearly at 60! We've also stickered every location where we've had visits in line with what's been happening on our Clustermap - the more visits the bigger the sticker.


  1. I might have to borrow this idea, Room 8! I love the map idea! What steps do you work through before posting on your blog? Room 12 would be keen to discuss this further with you experts! :-) BTW - we show up on your feedjit as Auckland because our school is piggy backing an Auckland company's server - this is Dunedin DeClairers calling :D

  2. We managed to get the map from a $2 store and it does motivate the students to see their success. I forgot to mention that we also put various quotes around the wall as well from people who leave us comments from aroudn the world. Yes the server system of where you come from isn't correct - we were Auckland up until earlier in the year when we now feature as New Zealand. At home Im from Hamilton.