Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Nathan H's 2013 Reflections

As part of our review of 2013 students from Room Five are reuired to write a recount that features a 'First Impressions' introduction and a 'Last Impressions' conclusion.  Intermediate School in New Zealand is a Middle School that runs from Y7 to Y8 (usually 11 to 13 years).  This is Nathan H's recount of his two years at Melville Intermediate and two years in Room Five.

Last year we had a thing called activity week where students had a choice to do an activity for 3 days but you must pay. I choose film making with a couple of my friends it cost $20.00. In this activity you had to make a movie we all decided on zombies. In the end our movie failed.  

Finally all this preparation has come down to this Melville Intermediate Schools Prep 2013! Our groups name was Sizzling Hot and our main product was sausages. The following people helped contribute in our group Nathan.G, Kane, Damien, Levi and me. Over all we made the most MISMS in the school but we didn’t win anything because we were in a separate competition.  

My favourite tech from last year was Wood Work. We made bird houses the reason it is my favourite tech is because I had my friends with me they would help me if I needed help. Plus the machines were fun to use. Also I learnt a lot about different types of wood.

At the start of the year Melville Intermediate had a Syndicate Camp. The first impression I had of the camp it was a bit dirty but then I got used to it; the downside was the Burma trail wasn’t scary! My favourite experience at camp was the canoe ride down the Waikato River.

Last year we had an awesome group of activities called options. Options were like modules but you got to choose what option you were in. I choose ICT which was computer work MR. Webb was the teacher he taught us how to use widgets. Widgets are little mini game on sites I done mine about Pac man and we had a tournament to see who could get the most points I came a close 2nd Levi came 1st.
In the end I hope this school has as much to offer as it can because in 2 years time my little brother will be attending this school so I hope he will get the full experience of Melville Intermediate.

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