Sunday, December 15, 2013

Melville Intermediate - The End

After 50,000 visitors and over 250,000 page views, after 1700 posts over five years from five classes of students and over two thousand comments this site has now closed.  

The teacher, Mr Webb left Melville Intermediate School after five years on Friday.  The remaining posts on this site will be footage from school events that took place at the conclusion of the 2013 School year, and there will be no new material.

Thank you all for your visiting, your commenting and your collaboration, it has meant the world to the students of Melville Intermediate School.

Mr Webb will be working at Auroa School, Taranaki, as of 2014.   He will be continuing to work online from his new location with his new students and we will be contacting you with the new address for 2014 at the start of the new school year.

Thank you.

If you wish to contact Mr Webb you can do at   You can visit Auroa School by clicking on the link here.   You can visit the Melville Intermediate School site by clicking here. 


  1. That's a sad end to a wonderful era! I hope your school gave Mr Webb the best send off ever! We have really enjoyed collaborating with him and sharing learning between the north and south!

  2. We will miss visiting this site! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful learning experiences on your blog.

    Best of luck to all the students in Room 5.

    Mr Webb, we look forward to seeing you in the new year at your new school. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

    From Miss Lologa and the New Town Second Grade Superstars.
    North Carolina, USA