Saturday, December 7, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Big Day Out 2013

The Melville Intermediate Big Day Out Trip for 2013 took place on Wednesday 4th December with nearly a hundred and ninety students making the trek to Rainbows End theme park in Auckland for the day.  While the weather was unfortunatly against us the students had a great time, some of who had never been before.   This writing is part of recounts written by students who were on the trip.

'We left Melville Intermediate at 8:05am in Go Buses and we arrived about 10:00am.  After waiting fifteen minutes in the bus we got to get a band then we had to do to the El Dorado area and get ticked off the roll.  Then we got to go on any rides that we wanted.  I went on the Fearfall first - it was exciting.  Then I went on the Powersurge and it was very fun. Next I went onto the Roller Coaster and that was awesome.   We went and brought American Hot Dogs for $5.50, they were delicious.    I went on the Powersurge again.   I went on the Invader again, then it was time to go, which was sad but also cool.  Abridged recount written by Daniel from Room Five.  This video is of the Powersurge at Rainbows End, Daniels favourite ride.  It was processed and edited by Drustan from Room Five.

Rainbows End 5/12/13 Powersurge from myles webb on Vimeo.

On Wednesday 4th of December some students from Melville Intermediate School went to Rainbows End.   The first ride that I went on was the bumper boats with Damien, Levi and Blake.  We played a game of bumper boat tag but it didn't really work out so we just crashed into anyone that got in our way.    The next thing I went on was the bumper cars.  They were really fun.    I just kept crashing into random people.    The third ride that I went on was the Gold Rush.   This was my favourite ride'
Abridged recount written by Nathan G from Room Five.

This video shows footage of one of the other favourite rides of the students from Room Five, the Invader.  Filmed on Rainbows End on Wednesday 4th December 2013, edited and processed by Drustan from Room Five.
BDO 2013 - Rainbows End Highlights Part 1 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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