Friday, March 1, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Weather for the Techie Kids

Today in class we saw that we had a number of visitors from the Techie Kids in Michigan, USA.  We viewed their class page and saw that they were currently experiencing a significant amount of snow, and we asking for countries around the world to look at their weather.   We decided to answer their questions by creating a slide show of pictures around the school, research what the temperature is expected to be in the next week, what our conditions are at the moment and what is predicted, including the water restrictions that we are currently experiencing.  You can view their original post by clicking on the link here.  

We sent Jamie, Elizabeth, Jackie and Bianca outside to take the photographs above around Melville Intermediate School today to show the Techie Kids what the weather is like in Hamilton and created a series of videos for them explaining what the weather is like.


  1. Dear Mr. Webb and class,

    Thank you for contributing to our learning in such an effective way! We appreciate that you took your time to help us!

    Well, it looks like a beautiful, clear, sunshiny day in Hamilton. That reminds me of how much we love the sunshine, even when it’s cold. We have a great deal of gray or overcast days here in Michigan. However, when the sun is shining, everyone appears much more smiley. :) We have snow flurries lightly falling right now.

    Our class thought your flowers were pretty and colorful. Your trees looked interesting to us. We don’t think they grow in our area. I think I recognize petunias and geraniums from your gardens. If I’ve identified the flowers correctly, we grow those in our gardens here in Michigan as well.

    I love the shadow picture, very creative! Jamie, Elizabeth, Jackie and Bianca, you have excellent photography skills. Very crisp and clear images, nicely done! Taking pictures up close to the subject and from unique angles makes your photos very detailed and interesting.

    We’d love to see the videos you created! Just let us know where we can find them. Our class looked up your area on Google Earth. We saw some beautiful mountains. Can you see mountains from your school? Our area is mostly flat, farming land, but Michigan becomes more hilly as you travel north. We even have some mountains in our upper peninsula.

    Sending snowflake smiles,
    Mrs. Moore
    Techie Kids
    Michigan, USA

  2. Dear Mr. Webb and Room five,

    I liked your pictures. They were pretty. It looks warm. It is cold here. We do not have all flowers like yours but we do have some like them.

    Does it get cold there were you are? It gets cold here a lot.

    Keep cool and have fun at the gardens.

    Techie kids

  3. Dear Mr. Webb,

    Thanks for commenting us! We would love to skype you! What do you normally do in your area? Do you like to blog? Can you tell me how the day at your school would normally be?

    Techie Kids

  4. Dear Mr. Webb,

    I really liked your pictures. You have really nice weather. I really like your flowers. I like seeing that because it is winter here not spring or summer.

    Techie Kids

  5. wow thanks for your comments
    Jackie, Room Five, Melville Intermediate