Sunday, March 24, 2013

Melville Intermediate - BBC's Mind Reading Gopher

In Mathematics for our warm up last week Mr Webb pulled out one of his old favourite links that was originally supplied to him by Allanah K at Appleby School, the famous BBC Mind Reading Gopher.  We've included the link here so that the Room Five students can amaze their friends and we can show some teachers who visit our class a thing or two about Mathematics.

You can click on the link to this page here.


  1. Oh! We like the Mind Reading Gopher a lot :)
    Thank you for introducing us to it.
    We also loved looking at the videos of what you did in camp. Those adventures must have been really 'team building' for you all.
    We were mesmerized by the Autumn Photopeach. It really brought home the global difference in seasons. Spring is late here and we are just coming out of our winter. There is a light dusting of snow and the average temperature is just below freezing.
    We believe you are about to begin
    your holidays soon.
    We thought the term REALLY flew,
    With every good wish for a lovely holiday,
    2nd Class Room 6.

  2. 2nd Class Room Six
    Hoped that you enjoyed the Gopher, we've put the link on so that this years class can show it to their friends and family, it certainly is amazing the first time that you see it. Thank you for the feedback about our Camp, we loved shooting the videos and sharing it with others so to hear that you've watched it on the other side of the world is quite amazing. We'll let Nathan and Harry know about the slideshow, they were really pleased to have been able to put it online so quickly and get it up and posted. We still have another two weeks to go until we get our our school holidays - we usually have a ten week term and this year term one is a twelve week one!
    We are still completing our display about Irelanad in our classroom, the Girls who are in charge of it will be contacting you next week with a few questions and information.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  3. Wow, the Mind Reading Gopher is fantastic. The Year 2s in my room think it is amazing. Thank you for sharing.