Thursday, March 7, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Narrows Camp Recount

When I went to camp their was a beatiful energy.  There were so many activities like Go Karts with Levi's Mum Paulette.  Down hill trolley racing with Bianca's Mum Vicky and there was the water slide with Owens Mum Penny.  That water slide - that left me with some battle scars.  There was orienteering and the swimming pool was not very clean.  My favourite activity was the Go Kart racing and the Waka Ama.  We got wet and enjoyed it.  I was in the pink boat with Wattana and Sosifia.  I kept on yelling at Wattana because he kept on stopping paddling but this is the end of my recount.

Go Kart Racing - Camp MIS 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.
The above video is of Nathan Go Kart Racing at Camp, filmed by Matua Peter and was produced, edited and put together by Owen and Nathan H from Room Five.


  1. You said your favourite activity was Waka Ama. What is this?

  2. Its paddling a boat of some description. We've got a slideshow coming of the Waka Ama so you can see the paddles and the boats, it is sheduled to be posted early next week.

  3. We enjoyed your lively recount. We particularly liked your use of language when you referred to 'beautiful energy' and 'battle scars'. Memories are made of good times like these,
    With every good wish