Sunday, March 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Camp Recount Reitu

It was on the 4th of March 2013 it was the first day of Camp at Narrows Park.  We did a few activities before we went to the Go Karts.  First of all we went to the pool at the Camp.  It was really deep.  Then we went to the bush First Aide where we had to make a stretcher out of Bamboo sticks, wood and rope.  Then we went on to Archery and we went from there to the trolley racing.  Finally we went on the Go Karts.

Matua Joe and Sean, one of the workers at the Camp were in charge.  When we got there we all had to sit on the side by all the tyres.  Matua Joe told us that we got five laps each because four other people in our activity group had gone to Waka Ama.  After he told us that we all went down to the Go Karts to have a look.  There were two of them a grey one and a red one.  They showed us around them, how to put the seat belt on, which was the brake and the accelerator and where the kill switch was if we wanted to completly stop the Go Kart. 

On my first turn I raced against Shayla in the red Go Kart, and she was in the grey one.  Joe was counting from 3 then 2 then 1... and we were off! I was behind her for a little while.  On the firstlap it was annoying though because of all the dirt that was getting in my eyes.  Eventually I ended up in front of her in our last lap.  When we started racing I was versing Shayla again and I won that race as well! We won Cookies.  Everyone else in our group had their turns on them and then we left.  I really enjoyed the Go Karts racing the most out of all the activities on Camp, it was really fun.

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