Thursday, March 21, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Owen Go Kart Information

Owen from Room Five was at Camp at the Narrows, Cambridge. One of the activities that students were able to participate in and enjoyed very much was the Go Kart and Go Kart racing. Our students when they returned to school were asked to write about one activity in the form of a recount and another in the form of procedural writing. Owen from Room Five choose both about the Go Karts. How to drive a go kart at narrows camp by Owen Room Five. • First you have to learn how to drive it : 1. Knowing your pedals. On the lower left you will see the brake pedal and on the lower right is the accelerate pedal. 2. If your in Trouble - Just under the steering you’ll find a tiny silver switch, this is called the kill switch and it is used in case you are going to crash, it is also the off switch. 3. Safety first - Before you start put on a helmet and ask the supervisor to do the seatbelt for you coz it isn’t easy to do. TIPS • Drive slowly for the first round so you get used to the track • Don’t bump the other kart • Don’t run over people • Always obey these rules • Be careful when your drifting • Don’t be silly around/with the go karts • Do not drive the karts without adult supervision • Don’t go on the track when the karts are racing • Look at these pics

Owen also wrote this recount about his experience on the Go Karts At Narrows Camp I rode on the Go Karts and I drove slowly because I was scared and I thought I was going to crash and die when I had done I decided to go again it was awesome. By Owen PS (Post Scriptum) I forgot to type that none of the helmets fit me proply

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