Sunday, September 25, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Tasks for Week Nine for Room Eight

Week nine is upon us with just this week and another week to go before the end of term three holidays.  For your tasks this week there are some slightly different things to do.  Firstly you need to go to this site here, which is entitled 'Draw a Stickman' its been brought to our attention by the wonderful Allanhk from Appleby School.  You can click on this link to go to her wonderful class page.  Secondly once you've completed that task you need to complete some commenting.  The commenting this week needs to be at the three class pages listed, needs to follow the correct procedure and format and needs to be completed by this Friday.  You are going to travel to the USA and leave comments on Mrs Yollis Class page in California, Mr C's Class blog in Missouri, USA and Mr McClungs class page in the USA.  These are all teachers who teach at different levels so take care to select a piece of work that you like or find interesting and leave an appropriate comment.

Finally its the World Cup in New Zealand for Rugby Union at present, one of the best reviews I've seen on the world cup has come from Matthew in Room Seven, St Marys School in the South Island.  Visit his review of Week Two of the World Cup and leave a World Cup related comment or question by clicking here.

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