Saturday, September 17, 2011

Melville Intermediate - PREP Market Day 2011

For the past seven weeks at school our Y8 students at Melville Intermediate School have been working towards one big day, the PREP (Primary Resource Program)and PREP Market Day. It involved them all running their own business and creating balance sheets, creating and manufacturing a product, taking care of the advertising and promotion of the product and finally selling it on the market day. Market day was huge, the weather held more or less on the day, nearly every student in the school was involved and we had a large number of adults and parents from the local community come in. While not everyone could be there, particularly those of you who are overseas we also had Mr Bell the school Music Teacher filming and many photo's taken. This video is the first of four from the day detailing the stores and the products.

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  1. Dear Rm 8
    What an enterprising group of students.
    I wonder which stalls were the most popular - the ones selling food or the ones selling action?

    At our school our Year 7-10 students often do fundraising for school camps or for E4E projects by making and selling food to the teachers and students for lunch. We get some very yummy things.

    Do you each get to keep the money your made or does it go towards a class project?

    Mrs McKenzie