Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Prep Recounts for Newsletter

This term the yr 8s at Melville Intermediate have been working on PrEP which is a Primary Enterprise Programme, We had to creat a buisness and name it, treat it as if it was a real buisness. My buisness was called ‘Sweet Treats Deluxe” in my group was Marcia, Morgen, Kennedy and Mackenzie.
On Friday the 16th of September at our school was our PrEP market day. As people arrived with their products, the excitement grew and everyone was buzzing. As the clock struck 12:30pm all the year 8s went outside to start the setup process, we had so much to do, and so little time, everyone rushed around making sure that their buisness would go according to plan….. Once we had set up our gazebo and our tables, we started to set out the food, it smelt nice, and looked real nice too!!

Finally 1:00pm came, and the year 7s, teachers and parents, which were our consumers were outside looking to buy. We saw all the year 7s sprinting out of the classses.My stall went really well and we sold out, it seemed that everyone enjoyed the sweet hit of the food that we had sold. We had a really big queue for most of the time. The bell rung just as it started to rain, perfect timing! PrEP was over, the time went so fast, and it was pretty fun!

The only downside was that we didn’t have enough 1 misms, so we had to keep asking the people to come back later and get the change. For the year 7s (soon to be year 8s) I would advise to keep your prices in 5s. It was fun and all the hardwork had paid off, but the day went to fast! I hope the year 7s had fun(:
Recount by Jenna Christiansen, Room Eight.

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  1. Dear Jenna and Melville Intermediate,
    What a well written recount of your experiences. Sounds like all of you had a wonderful time with the project. Your hard work brightened everyone's day! Wishing you much success in future programs.
    With Aloha,
    Mrs. Heckman (First Grade Teacher)
    Hongwanji Mission School - Honolulu, HI