Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Prep Recount from Room 8

This is it - its Friday 16th September Prep for 2011.  Weeks... even months preparing, really paid off, Spookers was ready? I felt excited but worried thinking, what if someone won't show up? I brought the Chilly Bins, cups, decorations, four packets of lollies and two big bottles of slushie syrup (rasberry and blue lagoon) to Shaylee's house.  In Spokers we had Hayze (me), Shaylee, Shayne and Benita.  While I was at Shaylee's house she brought out nine bottles of fizzy and we felt like drinking them all.   After we got everything sorted we both walked to school.  When we got into class I spotted Shayne and she told us her Mum was dropping the ice off.  There was no sign of Benita, she never came.   I made a sign for what we were selling... slushies 5 MISMs, spider drinks 5 MISMs and 5 MISMs for Lucky Dips.    We brought in the slushie machine from the Warehouse.    Brrring the bell went, time to set up.   It was tricky at first because everything was blowing up in the air... everything went messy.   We had so many customers that we sold out everything.  It was a great experience and I hope to do it again.  Report by Hayze, Room Eight.

As the bell rang to get ready for Prep me, Robert and Ben put our lunch away and got started.  I carried the tables out to where we would be doing our game.  Then we finished everything we needed to do on the game.  Next half an hour we didn't do much because we didn't want the Y7's to know what our stall was about.  Robert went to the computer and played Minecraft and I watched him.  When we were allowed to get the other things ready we got our things and went outside and when we were putting up our signs it began to rain.  Soon it brightened up and everything was ready.   The bell went and the kids came out of their rooms and slowly they asked what it was.  Soon we had a lot of people trying our game.  Our prizes were going fast but we had lots of stock.  We didn't have much change so those people left.  Soon after Prep started Kris came around because I ordered a key ring, so I paid my 10 MISMs and I got a key ring.  Prep went on and we got more customers.   Soon the bell rang again and it was the end of Prep.   We packed up and we were inside.   We counted the money and we'd made $171, and we had a profit of $46.

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