Saturday, September 10, 2011

Melville Intermediate - AIMS Basketball Review

On Sunday 28th August Mackenzie, Marcia, Kennedy and I went to Tauranga to represent our school at the AIMS opening ceremony.  The opening ceremony was at a new stadium that has just opened in Tauranga.  (AIMS stands for Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools - Mr Webb).  We saw a lot of our friends and a lot of different schools from around the country.   The opening ceremony was one of the highlights of the tournament.

On Monday we were waiting for the rest of our team to come.  As we got there we waited, and waited and waited.  We soaked up the atmospherem and took a look around.  Still we were waiting and Mr Webb was getting distressed and kept reminding us that the others were going to be here, but every time that he said it, it made me more and more nervous.  Finally they came and we were ready.  Our first game was against Te Kura Kokiri.  We didn't know a thing about this team.  We started to warm up and I kept getting nervous.  When we first saw them they looked really small but they were good.  The ball went in the air and we won the tip and after the first touch of the ball we were on a roll.  We won this game 31-22.  Our next game was against Kaitoa Middle School and we had played them last year.  The beat us last year for the third and fourth play off but this time we won 46-36.  Early in the morning on Tuesday we were playing a team that was also unbeaten this far in the tournament and unfortunatly we lost 27-35 to Murrays Bay.  After coming off that unlucky loss we still had to play Hastings Intermediate.  They had lost all their games and we were hoping that that wouldn't stop.  We redeemed ourselves and won 39-25.  The next game was against a school from Christchurch called Chisnallwood Intermediate.  We won 71-5 and everyone got time on court.  We came second in our pool and we played Tauranga Intermediate in the quarter finals.  It was a good game and we won 43-31.  We had worked so hard for the past six games, it paid off and we made the semi-finals.  A brand new day came upon us and we played early against Sacred Heart College who hadn't been beaten yet.  Unfortunatley we couldn't break that and we lost 31-41.  As everyone thought it was over, but no we had to play for third and fourth and we met Kaitao Middle School yet again.   It was a really good game and we won 44-30.

After a hard working week we placed 3rd in New Zealand with Murrays Bay coming first and Sacred Heart College coming second.  It was a really good week and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.  I would like to thank Andrea Randall, Joanne Wilson, Matt O'Brien and most importantly our supporters who came out everyday to watch us play (espically the Katoa family and Haweara whanau).

Report by Kalesita Latua, 8KB.

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  1. WOW your description of the game made Room 11 students feel as though they were playing the game themselves. Fantastic details and we were impressed with your achievements. Keep the fantastic work, Whaea Tash and Room 11 HES :)