Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Y7 BDO 2010

Rainbows End by Ridwan Mohammed
Yesterday on Tuesday 23rd November we went to Rainbows End as a school. It was awesome. I loved the Fearfall. Teegan went on the Fearfall three times! Tamara and Isla went on the Fearfall once with us. It was so scary being on the Fearfall. The Power Surge was so scary I screamed my head off. Teegan and I had to make a deal that I didn’t scream the next time. I did it. Watea was with us she was screaming on the Power Surge. I was just laughing at her. Next we went on the Roller Coaster and that was fun. Teegan and I made a bet with the attendant that we wouldn’t hold on at all so we didn’t. We did it two times and loved it! Then we went on the Gold Rush. Teegan and Tamara were in the front and Isla and myself were in the back. It was so much fun. Teegan was laughing so hard that she cried. Then we went to the Candy House and had three packets of Candy Floss before getting back on the bus and returning to school.

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  1. Looks like you all had a really fun day. Our school goes to Rainbows end every second year. This year was going to the snow so 2011 will be our year to go to Rainbows End again. Our favourite ride was to the Tower of Terror. What was your favourite ride?