Sunday, November 7, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Room 13 Photo Challenge

Room 13 - Donkey Challenge on PhotoPeach


  1. Dear class,

    I enjoyed watching your Donkey Challenge! Is that the name of a photo game in New Zealand or did they just make it up?

    Is Donkey the mascot's name or does he go by something else?

    Which photo is the favorite of the boys?

    Mrs. Y♥llis

    P.S. Sorry I have not been leaving so many comments lately. Too many projects going on! :-)

  2. @Mrs Yollis - Its just a made up game to have students use digital photography and be creative in a short space of time. The Donkey is the Room Eight Class mascot, he's just referred to as "The Donkey" as he was not officially named when given to Mr Webb!

  3. Great Idea to have a donkey photo challenge. It's a great way to learn different camera angles. It looked as if you all had great fun. Who made the donkey? It looks very creative!


  4. Hi class! I'm a student from the USA at the University of South Alabama in Mobile,Al. I am also a student in Dr.Strange's EDM310 class. I really enjoyed your video. I think it's great that the teacher is getting you involved with photography. I love photography. I also liked the game and your mascot. This was a very interesting and creative project. Keep up the good work!