Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Wai Maths 2010 Video Entry

This is our Wai Maths 2010 Video Entry. A huge thank you to everyone that has contributed to it over the past two weeks. Bradley is writing a detailed description of the whole process which we will post later today. His estimate that the question would travel 500km there and back to everyone who made a video answer to the question was out by nearly 80,000km as you will see!

Wai (Waikato) Math's have a competition next week, where Bradley, Kelly and Lana from Room 8 will be competing at representing Y7 students at Melville Intermediate School.

As well as viewing this video we'd also like to acknowledge the contributions from the following Schools (and of course you can click on the hyperlink to visit them): Otewa School, King Country, Broadlands School, Reporoa, Bairds Mainfreight Primary Auckland, Mr KT Class Bell Aire Primary School in Geelong - Australia, Mrs Yollis Califorina USA, Mr C Missouri, USA, and Anthony Capps from the University of Alabama in the USA. Thank you all so much the students hugely appreciated your collaborative online efforts in making this video possible.


  1. It looks Awesome Bradley! Good Luck!

    From Room 12 BMPS

  2. Wow! That's a really long way for a question to travel! How did you guys go at the Wai Maths competition?