Friday, August 13, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Prep: Pie or Penalty

This is an advertisment for a group of Y8 students (some of whom were in Room 8 last year) its for a stall they are running for PREP our Economic Stall day next Friday. The advertisment is created for that stall so you can watch it and see! The MISMs that are referred to is Melville Intermediate School Money (MISM) that is the money created by the students for the day. Students from Y7 classes are able to purchase MISMs on the day before the stall day to use to pay for goods and services.


  1. Great work guys with the pie or penalty video!
    From Tessa at Turuturu school rm2,Hawera,nz
    P.s. Thanks for all the comments you have leaft!

  2. Tessa thanks for your positive comments I will pass that onto the students from Room 18 who made the video, I did think they did a great job and we really enjoy visiting your class page too!

  3. Great work on the pie or penalty guys. Did the Soccer World Cup inspire you to make this video?

    Sara E-Team Springston School