Monday, August 30, 2010

Melville Intermediate - 2010 School Speech Topics

Our Speech Topics for 2010 Are:
1. Is our climate really changing? Where`s the evidence? How do we know.
2. Show me don`t tell me "Talk about air pollution and how to reduce it where you live.
3. One mans trash is another mans treasure"-persuade us to recycle.
4. Make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today "what are you doing about sustainability?"
5. Science is simply common sense at its best.

All Melville Intermediate School students have to prepare a three minute speech on one of these topics. These will be performed in front of the class and the best two speeches will go forward to the syndicate finals later in the term, from there the best two Y7 finalists will compete against the top two Y8 students, finally once this has been all sorted the best school speaker will perform his or her speech at the Waikato Inter-Intermediate Speech Finals!

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