Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Melville Intermediate - School Production Rehearsal

This is rehearsal footage of our school production that is currently rehearsing for a big show later this term. There will be a detailed report about the production written by the students tomorrow.


  1. Hello Room 8
    We are a Year 2/3 class from Reefton in the South Island. We've been enjoying watching your videos recently. We know that doing a production is a lot of hard work, but very enjoyable.
    You might like to watch the videos of our plays last term (when we had some year 4s in our class), from our school's Repertory for Kids night.
    We look forward to hearing more about your production.
    from Mrs McKenzie

  2. Mrs McKenzie thanks for the tip about your class and school videos for Repertory, yes we did go and view them and I enjoyed them very much, you have some very talented students at your school, that's for sure!