Sunday, August 15, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Possum Encounters?

If you've had an encounter with Possums we'd appreciate contact with you about this if possible. We're studying sustainability this term and one of the themes that were looking at is conservation.

Were looking for anyone from New Zealand or elsewhere for that matter, who've had experiences with Possums, at home, on the farm or at school even. If you have could you please leave a comment to us, if you've got pictures or other media forms, even better!

In New Zealand they're a substantial pest, with between 30 and 70 million in the country, estimated to be eating 9 million tonnes of vegetation a night! You can check out more about Possums by reading here.


  1. Hi Melville Room 8!
    What a great blog - I am an intermediate teacher in Pukekohe.
    I thought I would share a possum experience that I have.
    My younger brother once decided that he would raise a baby possum - he did so very well and developed quite a relationship with his furry friend. As I was scared of the possum my brother would get it to chase me - I remember screaming around the lounge with him in hysterics!!
    Anyway time came to let the possum out into the wild. Brother would leave food out for it and most days the possum would come back to say hello and enjoy his dinner!

  2. When I was younger at night we used to watch the possums through the window. I don't know much about possums but I do know that they are known as pests. Sorry I don't have any pictures but I am looking forward to hearing more about possums.


  3. I have a beautiful possum wool scarf, gloves and even a pair of socks. The have been died nice colours and I love them because they are so soft and warm to wear in winter.

    Does that count as a possum encounter?

    Allanah K

    Moturoa Class

    Appleby School


  4. @ Tracey, Westburn Student, Allanh K - thanks all for your possum stories, were going to colllate them all and share them with all the classrooms at Melville Intermediate School.