Monday, April 12, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Earth Day April 22nd, Mrs Yollis Blog

One of my favourite, favourite blogs around the world is Mrs Yollis Classroom Blog from California  It always interests me to see what new wonderful work they are putting up, and always is a source of great ideas and inspiration to me.  Currently while our students are on holidays Mrs Yollis classroom is preparing for Earth Day on April 22nd, and as part of that they're going paperless in the classroom for the day! We'll be doing the same, using Mrs Yollis classroom as our inspiration, her class have created a Wallwisher for pledges, which you can add to by clicking here.   You can also have a look at the links to Earth Day from her classroom site.  Wonderful.


  1. I love the way you link us to others doing amazing things as well Mr Webb! Mrs Yollis' post puts me back on track with a couple of things...

    We were also doing the blogging challenge but lost our way a little - our first term was only 8 and a 1/2 weeks with a week camp thrown into the mix.We will try to catch up next week!

    As a team leader, I was cunning - I have already handed out the longterm plan (not on paper - a google doc) to the other teachers that I work with last week and under significant dates I have marked World Paper Free Day. Needless to say this caused huge discussion amongst the teachers and some anxieties about what they might do all day...

    Your post has given me something to share with them. They already use some of the resources Mrs Yollis suggests but I think they will also enjoy exploring some of the other web 2 tools!

    Keep on inspiring! :)

  2. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of Mrs Yollis's class blog. We will add it to our blog roll.

  3. Dear Mr. Webb,

    You made my day! :-)

    Thanks so much for such a lovely post! The friendships and connections that are made through blogging are so rich!

    We were visiting your fabulous blog this morning. My students had their first lesson with the
    Maori Stick Game. They loved it!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  4. One of the true advantages of being the tech teacher is I don't have to use paper with my students at all. The only time we even printed something in class was for the science fair (although there was a lot of wasted paper for that assignment.)

    Earth Day is not really a bid deal here. I suspect it is because we are surrounded by the beauty of nature and take it for granted.

    Mr. C

  5. @ Mrs Bee - well I am glad to have you on board for that and the site in Califorina (Mrs Yollis) is a really wonderful one, you will be inspired as much as I am about their work I am sure!
    @ Mrs Thompson - glad that we can help and spread the word about that!
    @ Mrs Yollis thank you for your kind words and the work that you've been doing is simply outstanding! We can't wait to see your video of te rakau (the Maori stick game!)
    @ WM Chamberlain - One of the advantages of being a technology teacher, perhaps you could do something school wide for Paperless Teaching?

  6. I loved reading your class blog. So many great ideas I look forward to sharing with my class! I much appreciated the links to others' inspirational ideas also. I will definitely watch out for the great things you post on here in future. Cheers.