Thursday, April 29, 2010

Melville Intermediate - A Stitch in Time...

Currently we have been experiencing some technical posting difficulties with posts to the blog, involving five stiches, a plate of glass and garage. There have been many exciting events occuring in the past week or so. Room 8 won the Melville Intermediate Inter Class Touch Competition defeated Room 13 2-0 in the final. (Congratulations to Room 12 who won the Y8 competition). Today the teachers take on the All Star Students at Lunchtime, although Mr Webb cannot play due to the hand injury he has. We also farewell our Thai students Cartoon and Nair who have been with us for the past two weeks.  This is our second Slideshow comparing Thailand and New Zealand.


  1. Hi Room 8,
    We really enjoyed watching your presentations about New Zealand and Thailand! They are so informative. We have learnt a lot about these countries. Thanks for sharing.

    Lyudmila and class.

  2. Hello i am Lucy from super7scoopers i like the way how you used your silly classroom photo i wish our school got to do silly photos like you

  3. hi
    thats cool
    i learnt from this that
    thailand is much bigger than nz.

  4. Hi guys,
    I hope that Mr Webb is doing okay!
    Love the new look site

  5. Interesting comparisons between New Zealand & Thailand. Well done Nair & Lana.

    Hope your hand gets better soon, Mr Webb!

  6. i have watched your video it looks very good you must of worked hard good job