Thursday, December 3, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Inter-Intermediate Waikato Athletics

Yesterday was the Interschool Inter-Intermediate Waikato Athletics competition. My events for the Athletics were shot put and cricket ball throw. I did really well in both events and was having fun as well. I really concentrated on my events.

The best part of the day was the relay running. Even though we didn't come first or second for the relays, but who cares at least we did our best. Everyone had fun and some people had to wait around. I was enjoying myself because I didn't want to stay at school and do work. Every single school were cheering for the people that represented them in the events they were in. Like sprints, shot put, running, long jump, high jump and all the other events. Yesterday was really cool.

Out of all the schools that were there, we came fourth. This is the best result for Melville Intermediate School in the past six years! Our school was the hosts for athletics.

Recount by Vitolina Room 8.

The following students were placed in the top three for their events for Melville Intermediate School Athletics for 2009:
Kendall 3rd in Senior Girls Shot Put, Donovan 2nd in the Junior Boys Shot Put, Kalib who was 2nd in the Junior Boys 1000m, and 3rd in the 1500m. Terrina was 2nd in the Senior Girls 1500m and 3rd in the 100m, Travis finished second in the Senior Boys Cricket Ball Throw. we also had two students win their events Hamish in the Senior Boys Criket Ball Throw and Corbyn in the Senior Girls Cricket Ball Throw.


  1. Well done for coming fourth, Melville Intermediate. That is great news and you should be very proud of yourselves for doing your best.

    Super recount, Vitolina - we like the way you have opened all of your sentences in a different way and congratulations on your events.

    Room 13, Yendarra School

  2. @ Yendarra School Tuis - thanks so much for your comment and yes we were very proud to come fourth. Can't wait to see your site develop in 2010.