Sunday, December 6, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Student Creative Dance

Our Y8 option students performed their dances to the Melville Intermediate School whole school Assembly on Thursday 3rd of December. This is the Girls group performance to the new song by 'Muse'. Filmed by Keegan from Room 8.


  1. Well done girls. Did you do all of the choreography yourselves?

  2. Nice job, ladies. Did you have time to work on the dance at school or did you have to do it outside of school?

    I am constantly amazed how much more your students perform in front of an audience than ours do. This shows an obvious difference in ideas about what is important in your school compared to mine.

    Mr. C

  3. @ Mrs Thompson - yes the students created the entire dance themselves including all the moves and the details.
    @ Wm Chamberlain thanks again for your wonderful feedback as always.