Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Inter-Intermediate Athletics

Today at Poritt Stadium in Hamilton the final event of the 2009 Inter-Intermediate Sports Calendar took place - Inter-Intermediate Athletics. There were 11 Schools there in total competing a variety of events in an action packed day. So many highlights but it included a win in the Senior Girls Cricket Ball throw to Corbyn from Room 5... Terrina from Room 1 finishing as runner up in the Senior Girls 1500m and also coming 3rd in the 1000m.... Kalib from Room 12 finishing as runner up in the 1000m and 3rd in 1500m... Atela coming 5th in the 100m... it was a jam packed day of action (and mainly good weather thank goodness)... there are some very brief highlights from the day... coming soon... Melville Intermediate School ended up finishing 4th out of 11 Schools for a job very well done on a great day! Our warmest congratulations to our friends at Peachgrove Intermediate School who dominated proceedings!

This is the video of our Senior Boys in action for the 100m - Thamer and Elijah in their heats and then the Boys 100m Final.


  1. Wow! That was really exciting! The cameraman did an excellent job! Thanks for sharing!

    Btw, did the teachers race against the students and did Mr Webb take part in anything ?

    Mrs She @ Pt England School, Auckland,

  2. wow thats fast I would love to be that fast.