Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Skyping with Mr McClungs Class

Today in class we had a Skype Conversation with Mr McClungs Class. The students were excited once again to be talking to other students around the world. Its another opportunity to network. We also had some visitors in class, part of our Girls Basketball Team Kelsey from Room 3, Te Mania from Room 5 and Ashley from Room 5. They had never taken part in a Skype Conversation before, it culminated with Mr McClungs Class demonstrating the Pledge of Allegiance before spontaneous renditions of the New Zealand National Anthem, sung by the Girls and the Star Spangled Banner from our friends in Arkansas! A great, great moment in ICT Interaction! If you have not visited Mr McClungs wonderful site you can do so by clicking on the linked picture. Thanks again for making your class available.


  1. What an exciting opportunity, I wonder if they liked the same things and learn the same things?

  2. I think it is a great way of building a bridge between different people and expanding students' knowledge of the world.
    I'd like to have such an experience for my students too.

  3. @ Mr Wood - well the process was very exciting for our students, that was probably the best thing that they enjoyed. They could have spoken for hours!
    @ Lyudmila we'd love to do with your class in Russia! I don't know about the difference in time but we'd very much like to sort that out!

  4. I'm very envious of your Skyping adventures. We've been trying to get Skype running on our network for almost the whole year so that we can converse with our choir buddies in Christchurch, but no luck as yet.

  5. Dear friends,
    We would be very glad to take part in a Skype Conversation!
    The difference in time with Russia is 6 hours,let me know please if you have time for our contact.

  6. @ Mrs Thompson - 2010 would be a great time for our classrooms to connect.
    @ Lyudmila we would absolutely, absolutely love to be in contact with your class about this and talking with them would be something we'd love to do in 2010. Please let us know.