Friday, July 12, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Leadership Day at Melville Intermediate

For leadership week we went to classes and we did leadership activitys some of the activitys was the  shape game were they need to pick a leader and guide them into thier shapes.another game we played was the knotting game where they learnt how to communicate with each other better. we also did a poster competition
about a great New Zealand leader that the students looked up too.

Rebecca and Kaiser Maree wrote the paragraph above to explain just some of their responsibilities for leadership day, 2013.   

At Melville Intermediate School this week, and espically today the focus has been on leadership and how we can show it.  Students were allowed today to wear special socks for today, red socks that are symbolic of Sir Peter Blake.   Normally students have to wear grey with green, however an exception was made today and after lunch the students who had purchased the red socks gathered in the hall for a photo opportunity that was taken by Bianca from room five.


  1. I just think that is awesome that you all supported Red Socks Day 2013. You are legends for supporting two charities in this way!

  2. Yes I think that the support was great, and I was really impressed that this event was student driven which made it even more powerful.