Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Auckland Museum Recount

                       Auckland Museum Trip - Recount by Mary Anne from Room Seven.
Amazing trip to the museum on the way to the museum. I saw the sky tower that was a good cool and new experience. I saw a whole bunch of different animals like Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Bulls. We left at 8am and got back at 3:06pm but we left at 8 and got there at 9:50 so roughly about I hour and 50 minutes. When we got to the museum I got up and I had very sore legs and I had pins and needles they were so sore so we got up to the steps and the man greeted us in to the museum. So we all got to go and listen to the ancient Egypt stuff we did some activity’s  and I could not understand what he was saying but when we finished that lesson we had morning tea then we were allowed to go and look through everything in the museum. What caught my eye was the mummy it was scary and cool at the same time but it was in a  tomb behind glass. In the history section it was my favourite part of the museum. they need to make the kia room bigger the toilets were stunning the sinks where on an angle but I enjoyed the history  section the most. It was cool to go and spend time with my friends out of school and still learn at the same time I learnt a new bug called a dung beetle my goal next time is to stick with the group and to see everything.
The people that made this possible.
-Mrs. Stewart
-Mr. Prichard         A big thanks to you guys.

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