Monday, July 8, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Jamies Stage Challenge Recount

As I arrived at 6:48am in the morning I met Talya and Shirley out the front of Claudlands. About 10 minutes later Rexana, Rebekah and Deighton got here. A massive crowd came yelling around the corner. It was the rest of our group. We all rushed inside waiting for Miss Christian. When everyone was inside sitting down we called the roll and got ASB bands on. One of the Managers led us to our room which we shared with Girls High and Huntly Collage. We all settled in and the show began.

 “Give me an ‘m’ ” “Yeah we got the ‘m’ we got the ‘m’ “, “Give me a ‘L’ “ Yeah we got the ‘L’ we got the ‘L’ “, “Give me a ‘V’” “Yeah we got the ‘V’ we got the ‘V’ “, And this is all that was heard coming up the corridor, We chanted all the way to the auditorium as loud as possible. When we got there we watched Girls High rehearsal and we cheered for everyone that came on stage. Even the backstage people. They were all so amazing and moved so swiftly. Once they had performed it was our turn to rehearse. We rehearsed 3 times and had heaps of fun.

 We all rehearsed our hardest and tried our best. For the rest of the day we got to watch all the other schools rehearse and then all the J rocks performed for the rest of the day. The ASB crew came and visited and was having competitions to win free stuff such as Frisbees, Elephant money banks, Slinkys, Drink bottles and light up yoyos. I had heaps of fun stacking kash in’s on top of each other and others danced, competed in pyramid races and a scavenger hunt. The ASB crew were so fun to work with.

We were all in and out of the auditorium all day watching the J rocks perform. Everyone had a great time in the auditorium; I hung out with my friends and cheered for everyone. Even the people I didn’t know. We cheered all day long.

When the J rocks came on stage my friends and I went up to the middle seats to watch so we could see better. There were so many people below us and above. We cheered as loud as possible. All of their performances were awesome. Their costumes were so cool. Everything about their performances was detailed and had been put so many hours into. The J rocks did awesome and looked like they had enjoyed every second of it.

We got called for a meeting in the auditorium and we had an awesome dance party. Once our totally cool dance party finished, we sat back down to listen to the host. He reminded us about the lines and that all the teachers (1 from each school) had to come onto stage and that they had to dance to music and when it stopped they had to stand on a star and had to pick it up and It had a number on it. When Miss Christian picked hers up it had 13 on it. So we were last. We went back to the room and relaxed.

We all sat and relaxed for the rest of the night then at about 8:00pm we started getting ready to go. War was getting their makeup on and getting gathered up to go. Wind(my group) was next we had white make with blue and silver smudges of paint on our cheeks. Our hair was teased and we had ribbons on our wrists and in our hair around the hair ties. We used hairspray to keep our hair in place and our hair was literally the size of an exercise ball. No I’m joking. Maybe I was exaggerating a little. Well anyway you get the message. Our hair looked super crazy.

One by one the performers performed and we waited patiently in our room. Well it seemed like days waiting for our turn. But really it was only 2 hours. When Huntley Collage came back from their performance we cheered loudly and same with Girls High. After that time seemed to go faster and our time to shine was coming closer. We were getting more excited. Our room was getting too loud and we got told to be quiet.

We were going to perform in 10 minutes so we had a meeting with our group with Miss Christian. She said we had to try our hardest.

10 minutes later we were out on the side of the stage, nervously waiting. The curtains closed and we were sent off stage. As we wait for Cody to talk about our performance we were all shaking and whispering to each other. The curtains open and silence…..’Bub Boom Bub Boom’. The music started and we were ready to go. We did awesome. We all put 100% effort into the dance and danced our hearts out.

After the performance we walked off stage and walked nosily into our room. All of us chattering excitedly. It felt so good to have done it all awesomely.

 We relaxed for about 5 minutes then we had to walk into the auditorium for the awards to be handed out. As we waited, friends came down to say how good we were. None of my family was actually at the Claudland’s event centre to watch me, but still I had an awesome time. I was glad with what it turned out to be.

WOW! Did we get heaps of awards? I cannot count how many we got. Well I could but I can’t be bothered. Each time we got awarded with an award, we cheered so so loud. We also cheered for others. Jackson, a boy behind me said that its good to cheer for others when it came to the placing’s so we did. “In third place comes…….. Huntley College". We cheered loud as. In second came Girls High. “In first place is………. “MELVILLE HIGH SCHOOL” OMG! Did we cheer or what! I couldn’t even hear the guy talking, And he had a microphone. So many of us burst into tears. Including me. But let’s keep that between you and me. Anyway….. We were amazed; all of our hard work paid off massively.

What we got told later that evening was that so many of us practiced over 100 hours. Just for a 8 minutes performance….. That’s amazing.

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute. I will miss all of my friends that I made and I would like to thank Miss Christian, Cian and Nick for letting me have this amazing, fantastic, wonderful, awesome, marvellous and mind-blowing experience. I had the time of my life and I hop that everyone else enjoyed it too.

When I got home that I night it was 12:00am and my hair felt like straw and it was really messy. I got to sleep at 1:00am. I woke in the morning at 10:45am. I think everyone should experience this and even though but is very tiring it is so so so so so worth it.


 By Jamie 


  1. Wow winning isn't everything but hearing your name called out is cool. Your writing rally held me get a feel for the day.

  2. Hi,
    Its ms Christian here.

    It is lovely to read your writing about the day, It was a great day, and I was very proud of all the students involved.

    Not only did you perform like professionals, but you were beautifully behaved and deserved the Spirit of Stage Challenge.

    Well done.