Sunday, August 14, 2011

Melville Intermediate - School Cross Country 2011

Wednesday 10th of August 2011 the top 20 year 7 girls, year 7 boys, year 8 girls and the year 8 boys went to Stanheather Park near Deanwell on the school bus.
When I got there I was so nervous, the track was huge and long, I wanted to go back in the bus and go back to school.

The Yr 7 girls did really well, 1st came Rianna, 2nd Praise and 3rd came Tigerlilly,
Next up were the yr 7 boys they were really fast, 1st came Aublix, 2nd Jayden,
Now it was time, first we had to stretch and get ready on the starting line Mrs. Bassett was there saying “on your mark get set GO!!!!” I was off , one the first lap Emah-lee was in the lead, I was really tired and I wanted to stop running but I didn’t I kept running.  On the 2nd lap Mia was in the lead then it was Emah-lee then Mia.
Mia came 1st, 2nd came Emah-lee, 3rd came Isla, 4th came me (Hayze), 5th came Eva and 6th came Sita.

We were all very happy especially Isla her family was so proud of her.
Then it was time for the yr 8 boys “On your mark get set GO!!!!! They sprinted off and Darah was in the lead by a mile.  1 or 2 minutes later they were already on their 2nd lap and Darah was still in the lead… Another minute or so there was Darah he came 1st place, second came Isaac, 3rd came Luke and 4th came Keegan
It was a great experience but tiring.

Report by Hayze Room Eight, Footage shot by Shannon, Hannah and Dante Room 8.  
MIS Cross Country 2011 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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  1. You guy's are really lucky to go to another place for your cross country.
    My school have to do our's at school. How Many laps did you have to do?