Monday, August 22, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Commenting Week Four

This week you are required to leave comments at two locations and to ensure that these comments are left in the correct format. This includes writing your first name only, having the correct URL and making sure the comment is sensible and meets the class requirements.

Some of you have still not completed this task from last week for Hamilton East Primary School, Room 14, remember for the task to be completed you should be able to log onto the class page and view the comment, in the correct format.  If you have not done so you need to scroll down and click on the link to their class page.

This weeks task involves leaving two comments on Bailey Road Schools class page, and then one on one of the students individual blogs.  You will need to have two comments from the two different locations checked off successfully to complete this.  You can choose any of their individual blogs but you need to take
a note of which ones so that you can check this off with Mr Webb, again make sure that the comments follow the correct format.  If you aren't sure check with Mr Webb before you publish.

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