Thursday, August 25, 2011

Melville Intermediate - NZAIMS Tournament 2011: Starts Sunday!

Tomorrow is the last day at Melville Intermediate School, for a week.  Sunday marks the opening of the 2011 AIMS Games, and Melville Intermediate are off to compete in Girls Basketball for the 3rd consecutive year.

Not only will Mr Webb be away but so will Kennedy, Marcia and Mackenzie from Room Eight.  But don't panic we'll be all back the following week returning to our regular postings.  There's over 4,000 student at Y7/8 level heading for Tauranga for this tournament, and it's going to be huge.  Those of you who will there, keep your eyes peeled for the Melville Intermediate School team in their traditional Green/Red playing uniforms and Black/Red Tracksuits.


  1. Thats very cool that you are going to Tauranga for a week to play sport. Also are there going to be any other sports there because my friends in Pt England said they were going down to Tauranga for a week as well on Sunday?
    Anyway have a good time and have FUN

  2. Its awesome to see that you have sports for girls as well. We have sports for girls and boys at our school too. I hope that you get a good ranking at the end.

  3. Our very best wishes to Mr Webb and the basketball team. I know you can count on support from the Pt england boys who will be there to compete in the Rugby 7s as well.

    What a great achievement to have got that far. I hope you find some internet to post about the games during the week.

    Mrs Burt
    Pt England School