Friday, March 18, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Digital Photo Challenge Groups Three and Four

As part of Options on Thursday afternoon students can take electives in a variety of subjects that interest them. One of the groups is the Digital Photography Class that is taken by our Principal, Mr Cooke. On Thursday last week the students created a series of photos from four categories "Library at MIS (where the challenge started), Students of MIS, Famous Icons/Locations at MIS and Odd" Students had ten minutes of planning followed by 15 minutes of photography and then five minutes of editing. These are the entries for Group Three and Group Four:

Digital Photography - Group Three on PhotoPeach

This is the entry in the competition from Group Four:
Digital Photography Group Four on PhotoPeach


  1. Im voting for group 3 because your photos are well focussed and I really like your shadow pics. I'm pretending I didn't notice the one photo you forgot to rotate before uploading ;-)
    Mrs De

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  4. group six was great u guys was good