Monday, March 21, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Police Blue Light Challenge 2011

On Monday 21st of March a group of 8 students (four Girls and four Boys) went to Ashurst Park for a Police Fitness Test called Bluelight.

Once we got there we felt pretty nervous and couldn't wait for it to start. We got split up into two teams, team red and team green. I was in team green with Raearna, Jackson and Hone. In team red was Annika, Shyniah, Keegan and Reece. First event we did was the car push. The time to beat was 27.6 seconds to push the police car ten meters and put the seat belts on in the car. We tried our best but we got 32.6 seconds. We could have got out in less time but it was the silly seat belt. Our second activity was the obstacle course. It was so hard we had to jump a six foot wall, jump through a window, walk on a beam, run 200m and so much more. Our best time was 2:51 minutes and we almost beat the best time which was 2:40 minutes. Last of all we had our swimming race. We had to do four laps of 50 meters with a ball. We did really well to get third. Overall it was a good day, we all had fun and we finished 5th out of 15 schools.

Report by Sita Latu, Room 18.

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  1. Hello Room 18 we really like how you made your slide show.we have not seen a slide show with that pattern with the puzzle before.From 14 Tauriko School.