Thursday, March 10, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Cricket 2011

On Tuesday the 8th March the Cricket team from Melville Intermediate School went to the University of Waikato and played three games of Cricket.  We played against Matamata Intermediate, Fairfield Intermediate and Te Awamutu Intermediate.  We lost all of our games.  Our first game was against Fairfield and they chose to bat first and scored 103 runs and Otis got three wickets.  We got 88 runs off 15 overs.  I scored 27 runs and Jovi retired scoring 30 runs.  Our second game was against Matamata Intermediate we chose to field first and we scored 62 runs.  Trey got three wickets and had a wicket maiden over.  I got 30 runs retired and Otis got 26 not out.  Our third game was against Te Awamutu Intermediate they scored 118 off 15 overs with three wickets to spare.  We scored 64 runs off 15 overs with six wickets to spare.  Even though we lost all our games we still had a good time.  Report by Luke Room 14.


  1. It sounds exciting, but it looks also very confusing.
    Does it take long time to learn? (;
    In Denmark we don´t know what criket is(;
    From Pernille (;

  2. Wow Luke,
    I really like how you think about what you are going to write about! I understood exactly what you said and it was easy to read.
    From Savannah at Stonefields School.