Monday, October 11, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Mihi Tutorial

Last year we had a series of Skyping Tutorials available to students and classrooms around New Zealand, and the world teaching them Maori Language with our team of student tutors.

We're pleased to announce that Arahia has agreed to do this again for 2010 with a group of students available to help your classroom and your students. If you would like to be contacted about this learning opportunity then please leave a comment here, or email Mr Webb at to arrange a time that best suits. We are able to cater for all levels and also if you have any particular needs for your classroom or your school (such as learning colours or numbers) then please let us know as soon as possible. This is an opportunity for specialised teaching from the students responsible for the #1 Google Search result in New Zealand for 'Mihi', 'Mihi Example' or 'Mihimihi Example'!


  1. Hi Arahia,

    Wow! That is really a cool thing to do! May be one day Mr. Webb would let you teach my students in Room 7 to sing a song or something?

    Mrs She @Pt England School, Auckland--Room 7.

  2. Hi Arahia,

    Room 2, Burnham school would feel privilege being taught by your group.
    Could I arranged this after Wednesday 20th October sometime, as we are practicing athletics.

    Wednesday 20th is our athletics day.

    Once again, Thank you

    Mr Thurlow


  3. Hi Arahia, I'm pretty sure that my class (now Room 13) could do with some help. I'll check that Skype works and see when we can do it... if you can fit us in- because I'm sure you're going to be busy this term ;-)

    Mr F

  4. Hi Arahia,
    My name is Marama, and I am the principal of Pukeokahu School. We would love to have you teach us Te Reo Maori. We are a very small rural school in the middle of the North Island. We have ten students in our school and we have been learning how to say our mihi and some simple commands.
    Your teacher can email me at and we could arrange a time to do this.
    You can also see our school blog here:
    Thank you for this opportunity