Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Lunch for Miss Tyler Smiths Class

Lunch in NZ 12th October 2010 on PhotoPeach. Also the resources for Landforms are here.


  1. Dear Room 8
    Your post this week is quite a co-incidence as we are also going to be posting about lunches for a school in Scotland who asked about school dinners.
    My question to you is: How many people in Room 8 prepare their own lunch and how many have someone at home prepare it for them?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  2. That was fantastic! Lunches in NZ are so similar to ours. I love dried mango too.
    We noticed no lunch boxes, had you all taken your lunches OUT of your lunch boxes for the photographs?
    The "wicked" chocolate milk looked delicious!

    We noticed that your pencil bags look similar to ours as well, including the "fuzzy monster" types!