Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Waikato Champions

Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Volleyball team from Melville Intermediate who triumphed on Tuesday at the Waikato Inter-Intermediate Volleyball Finals. Melville won both competitions defeating Berkley School in the finals. Well done to Mr Day and the teams!
Reports on the events as well as highlights will be following shortly.


  1. Congratulations we like to play Volleyball to.

    It was fun but we were mucking around most of the time.

    Two classes from the same school were versing team 17 (us) and room 18 (them).

    We won against them!!!!!

  2. Wow I'm glad that both team won at the games. Have a good time being happy with yourselves.

  3. Congratulations from Room 7 and Mrs She at Pt England School too!