Sunday, April 1, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Tutoring in Maori Language

As we're approaching Maori Language Week again, and now fully operational in the classroom we're again offering tutoring through Skype for students in Maori Language.  We've done this for several years now, with our Mihi work and our general activities, and its proved very popular! We have a team of students and connections with other classrooms that are available at different times to suit, if you are interested please let us know.  To remind some of you about our past experience have a look at this selection of video work.
Here's Hayze and Mackenzie two of our Tutors from 2011 explaining what a Mihi is and giving examples:
But its not only students in New Zealand that we've been teaching Maori Language to. Last year we had interaction with students from Lyudmila's Classroom in Kransnoyarskiykray Kray, Siberia, Russia. There students learnt to introduce themselves in Maori and say the days of the week!
We've also worked with numerous schools throughout New Zealand including Waiuku Primary School in 2011. This video shows an example of some of our Tutors at work with a classroom teaching their students Maori Language.


  1. You did well, Nikita. Olivia Klok

  2. Nice try Nikita . JADE HOWE

  3. @ Jade Thank you for your comment and yes I think that Nikita did a great job to learn Maori from so far away.
    @ Olivia - yes I think he did REALLY well when you think about it, I couldn't dream of learning to speak Russian!

  4. I saw this featured on the facebook page of 'Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori'. What an awesome initiative- a great opportunity for Rangatahi! REALLY cool.