Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Melville Intermediate - A Gift From Denmark

Today in class we had a special, special occasion.  We knew that a parcel was on its way from the staff and students at Vonsild School in Denmark.  We were hoping that this would arrive before the start of the school holidays on Thursday, and today it arrived! You can read about the original post and see the parcel in Denmark before it leaves by clicking on the link here.  The photo's in this sideshow were taken as we examined the parcel and passed it around the students before opening it and seeing what was inside! It's inspired us with our learning because we've been learning about Denmark, and their national sport which is Handball (which is completely different from what we in New Zealand think about 'Handball').  We're going to post again about this before the end of term but wanted to thank again our friends from Denmark for the start of such a wonderful learning experience.
Gift from Vonsild School Denmark on PhotoPeach


  1. How beautiful is to see children getting these activities that encourage learning and the sport

  2. We are glad the parcel made it there.
    We hope you´ll enjoy the shirts and the game. We hope to see a team photo and watch you play handball. From Vonsild School, Kolding, Denmark

  3. @ Jessic - Yes we didn't know a whole lot about Denmark (well our students didn't I have been very lucky to have worked with Stefan before online and his students) so it was a great opportunity for our students to have an interaction with students from another country and a great learning experience.
    @ Stefan - Yes we are planning on sending a return package but our students are currently on school holidays and won't be back in class again for another week and a half. Hopefully it will be worth all the wait for you and your students.