Saturday, April 14, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Inter Intermediate Art Day

On Friday 30th March 2012 I went to Maeroa Intermediate for the Inter Intermediate Art Day.  The first activity I did was photographic Art.  What we had to do sounds easy but was actually quite hard.  We had to pose in odd positions while touching each other, and then someone else had to take the picture in an odd angle.  I took heaps of pictures and it was photographically fun.  Next we did environmental work.  We had to get a paper plate and make a symmetrical circle with a big flower/leaf in the middle.  When the teacher told us the instructions I smiled knowing I had a really cool idea in my head.   I immediately jumped up and ran to my bag to get out my ice cream container filled of environmental stuff to make my idea come to life! When I finished I looked down and smiled a big smile.  For in my mind I had made a masterpiece.  I hadn't actually finished that class yet because we had to get into three groups of four and make an even bigger circle.  The theme for our circle was 'Summer' so our group made our circle out of different shades of green and slight bits of colour to finish the touches to our Summer wonderland.  The third and final class was probably the coolest class that I had done all day because the teacher was called Runu and I knew Runu from Primary School, but it wasn't just that, that made the lesson fun.  It was also that we got to do ANY design we wanted to do.  I started to get a few ideas in my head and those few ideas turned into something really cool.  What I did first was normal because all I was doing was just drawing my designs on to my flag so then if I made a mistake I could easily fix it up.  After I had finished my pencil work I put my paint on top of the pencil then I dried it.   By then it was already 2:15pm and all we had to do was to crush the Environmental Art because there was no way it could get carried out of the Maeroa Intermediate Gym.  So as soon as they said that they were going to destroy it,  I immediately jumped up and grabbed my work because I didn't really want my work crushed.   After we had watched it being crushed we packed up our stuff and came back to school.   It was a really fun day and I was so glad that I was a part of it.  Report by Elizabeth, Room Five.

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