Monday, October 3, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Stonefields School Finn and Damien

Firstly have a look at this video of some dancing that was created by Finn and Damien from Stonefields School in Auckland. We found this on their class page today, and really enjoyed watching it as it made up smile and happy.

This would be about the second time ever in over 1050 posts that we've used someone else's work on this page, but nevermind. The original post talks about the dancing spreading, which led Mr Webb to think about getting some students from Melville Intermediate School to copy Damien and Finn's dance and reproduce it here at school.   Today we have Giovan in helping Mr Webb after lunch, we showed him Finn and Damiens video which he loved, and here's his take on that song and the dancing:


  1. hey dude nice hey if you want to learn how to do the dance we might post on wednesday on our blog how to do the the dance maybe sooner

  2. Dear Mr Webb,

    Thank you for leaving a message on our page. We were excited to read a message from New Zealand.
    Today our teacher showed us your videos on your blog. My favourite video was the art video. I liked seeing the kiwi cardboard prints because we know about kiwis. Miss Lologa read us a a book called "Koki the Kiwi' so we know a lot about them.
    We hope that you can come and visit us and maybe Hayze and Mackenzie can teach us more Maori.

    From Jack
    Second Grade Class
    New Town Elementary
    North Carolina, U.S.A

  3. Damien that would be great if you could include the steps and how to do it, it would really help.