Friday, October 14, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Aldrich at School Talent Quest

On the final day of School for Term Three, a week ago on Friday 7th October we finished the term with the school talent quests.  One of the outstanding acts and surprise packages from the afternoon was the star turn of Aldrich from Room Eight.  Aldrich played violin first as part of the school violin group, which although he's not part of he was able to contribute too, but also performed accompanied by Mr Bell the Melville Intermediate School Music Teacher.  Aldrich has been playing violin for six years.

A lot of students from Melville Intermediate haven't heard the violin from a performance perspective before but Aldrich did such an amazing job by the end of the performance he had converted a number of students! These two videos were recorded by Ben, Mackenzie and Benita from the show and were recorded in our school hall on Friday 7th October.

Melville Intermediate students are currently on their term three holidays, with another week to go they will be back at school on Tuesday 25th October.  See you all then.

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