Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Visit Kilbirnie Primary School

Today two of our students, Hayze and Mackenzie were able to Skype with Room Six from Kilbirnie Primary School, to talk about Maori Language and go over the rules for the Maori Hand Game that we've posted the video for online here. The Girls really enjoyed talking to Room Six and their teacher and they have a wonderful blog full of fantastic work that you really should check out here if you have not done so already.

A reminder that if anyone would like our students to Skype to help them with your learning of Maori Language then leave us a comment on this site and we will work out a time when we can get in contact with you, a big, big thank you to the students of Room Six at Kilbirnie School for a wonderful Skype session today.


  1. Hi Mackenzie and Hayze thank you for teaching us moari. It was AWESOME

    From Emily

  2. Kia Ora, Talofa Hayze, MacKenzie and Mr Webb

    Thank you so much for skyping our class yesterday. This was our very first skype with another school so you girls made it an awesome experience for us. The class enjoyed learning Maori especially the hand games, today some of the children were playing it and I even battled some of them!

    I've told a lot of the teachers at my school about our skype session and your awesome blog. We are going to put something in our school newsletter to tell them about our experience.

    We hope we continue to skype and for you to teach us more Te Reo Maori. One of the classes in my syndicate is very keen to skype you so look out for another class from Kilbirnie.

    We look forward in to skyping you real soon.

    Take care,
    From Miss Lologa and your friends in Room 6 Kilbirnie School