Sunday, June 12, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Counting to 1000 in Maori

This is the fourth and final video in the 'Maori Counting Series' for 2011.   The first video was the importance of the key numbers in the Maori Language, 1-10.  The second video created by our students deals with numbers from 10-25, and deals with the fact that there are no 'teen' numbers in Maori.  The third video dealt with the numbers from 25 to 100.   This video deals with 100 to 10,000! Its straight forward once you get the key numbers sorted, you need the key words in Maori for 100 and 1000, Kotahi Rau and Mano.   These videos as with all in the series have been created by Hayze, Shayley and Mackenzie, filmed at Melville Intermediate on Friday 10th June 2011.

Countin 100-1000 from myles webb on Vimeo.

A reminder to all our visitors to this site if you would like online tutoring in Maori Language from the students who have created these videos then leave us a comment or email our teacher and we will arrange to Skype your classroom!


  1. Hi. We're learning to count in Cook Island Maori. Some of the kupu are the same and some are really different. In Cook Island Maori they don't say the letter 'h' or 'w'. For example, the number 'tahi' in Maori would be ta'i in Kuki Airani. We're only just beginning with our C.I Maori learning, but really like it. We've got our fingers crossed that our school goes to the Cook Islands some time next year.

  2. Room 6 Kilbirnie SchoolJune 16, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    Kia Ora Hayze and MacKenzie,
    We would love to skype you tomorrow if you two are available. We are pretty flexible so let us know when Mr Webb can let you skype us.

    Talk to you soon,
    From Room 6

  3. My students tried out your counting hand games from a previous video. They enjoyed trying it. We are out of school now for the summer here in Monroe, NC. You can see their efforts by viewing our last video of the last day June 10th 2011. They had fun trying it even if they are younger. They were 7-8 year olds in second grade. I wish they could have watched all of your videos. Keep up the great teaching.

  4. Hi my name is Hamish from room6 kilbirnie school

    We just finished watching your video to from 100 to 1000. Is this how you say 257 rua rau rima tekau ma whitu?

    From Hamish and room6