Thursday, June 23, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Maori Language Week 2011 Facebook

Today our students were very excited to see an important comment on our blog yesterday. We found a comment from the Race Relations Commissioner, who mentioned that he loved our blog and was putting a link to it on the official Facebook Page for Maori Language Week for 2011. We've taken a screen shot of the page from Facebook because we can't access it at school but we're very excited and very proud to this development! We've already had a considerable number of visitors from all around the world through the link, we can't link directly back to it but if you have a Facebook account then search for the official Maori Language Week Page, don't forget that we are currently helping people with tutoring online with Maori Language through Skype, if you haven't done so already leave us a comment on this post, or email our teacher, or have a look at the videos that we've created that are listed on the sub pages located in the top right hand corner of this blog!


  1. Hi Mr Webb and Room 8
    What a fantastic recognition of the work you are doing to promote the Maori Language.

    We have also enjoyed visiting your blog this year and learning about what goes on on the other side of the world. It has been wonderful to see the similarities and differences in education in Scotland and New Zealand.

    I will abolutely get back in touch when I have a new class and a new blog. At thew moment I do not have a new class to go back to in August but as soon as I am in a new class I will add your wqonderful blog to our blogroll.

    The Brilliant Bloggers will be taking their P5 blog into their new P6 class and will keep in touch with you and your class when they return too school in August.

    Thanks for being one of our Blogging Buddies this year.

    Miss Docherty

  2. @ Miss Docherty thanks for your positive comments and we look forward to hearing from you at some point in the future! Happy holidays!